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Everything I Learned About History I Learned from Netflix

Posted by on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 7:48 am in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I’ve been waiting for months to binge watch the rest of the Netflix drama The Crown, the lush, lavish period drama about Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Finally, finally this week I was able to when I was visiting with my oldest daughter.

We began it back in the fall when she was home from grad school on a visit. At that time we made a pledge to wait for each other to finish watching.

I think we snuck an episode or two  in over Christmas, but that was a busy time and I was also on deadline.

So when we got to spend some time together this week, we greeted each other with a “Netflix!” cry and got busy.

I remember hearing stories when I was young, mostly from my mom, about some of the big things–namely, Elizabeth’s coronation being watched on television, King Edward’s abdication for Wallis Simpson, and Princess Margaret’s struggles. But this drama showed up close the incredible circumstance of having a young queen–who was also a mother enter the world stage in the 1950’s when women had barely begun their struggles. And the difficulties of an entire family having to live their lives under a magnifying glass at all times.

Anyway, it got us discussing all this and looking up Wikipedia facts right and left.  Not to mention loving the gorgeous outfits and let’s face it, Claire Foy is luminous. And my favorite part, watching with my daughter, so much fun!

The only melancholy part is saying goodbye to her today, always bittersweet. But great news…Season 2 is coming later this year!

Release Day and Read Chapter 1 Free!

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It’s release day for CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING!Image of Book Cover "Can't Fight This Feeling" by Miranda Liasson

I hope you’ll enjoy Maggie and Drew’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Read the entire first chapter for free here.

Amazon buy link here. 

NOTE:  This is the second book in the Spikonos brothers series, the brothers of Greek heritage that got separated when they were children, and return to the small town of Mirror Lake, CT, to find their lives and loves…and each other!

Each can be read as a stand alone, but the first book, Can’t Stop Loving You, is on sale this month for just $1.99 here.


Widowed psychologist Maggie McShae is ready to find someone who won’t make her heart beat fast, her knees grow weak, or her body go hot and cold at the same time. No one she can really love, because love brings too much pain.

Drew Poulos, son of a billionaire, is hiding out in Mirror Lake, working at his brothers’ brandy company. He inspires those very feelings Maggie’s determined to avoid. The hunky businessman, who left his high society bride at the altar, is the last person she’d ever seriously date. But he might just be perfect for a fling…


Drew’s too heartbroken to ever trust any woman again, but the sexy psychologist is the perfect person to deflect his family’s attention as his brother marries the woman Drew once thought was his.

Can't Stop Loving You, by Miranda Liasson

Roman’s story (Book 1) is on sale for $1.99 this month.

As sparks fly, two injured hearts might just find that true love can be even better the second time around.


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Just wanted to remind you of a couple of fun things going on right now in the days before release of CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING (Book 2, Spikonos Brothers) on Tuesday, March 7th:

–Don’t forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 20 signed paperback copies of CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING. You can enter here. The giveaway ends just before release day so just a couple of days left!

–CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU, Book 1 in the Spikonos brothers series, is on sale now for just $1.99. You can read more about it and one-click here.

–On Tuesday, March 7th, come back here to be able to read the whole first chapter. It will be up on a web page on this site.

–For the schedule for activities centering around release week and in the upcoming few weeks, including giveaways, upcoming interviews, and excerpts from the book, please stop by my Facebook author page here.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter here for new release news. Next newsletter goes out on Tuesday!

Happy week!




Is Reading Past Your Bedtime Associated with Other Traits?

Posted by on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 11:31 am in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Answer this question quickly, without thinking:  do you ever stay up too late reading a book you just can’t put down?

I would not hesitate to do that! Even though I would pay for my choices the next day by feeling tired, awful, groggy, etc.

Actually, I just did this! It was one of the books I judged for the Rita contest. The best thing was, it was a book in a genre I never would have picked to read on my own. That was the beauty of it. I discovered something outstanding where I least expected it. And it was awesome!

I was thinking about this, and I came to the conclusion that this trait (of saying, the hell with tomorrow, I’m finishing this book!) might possibly be linked to other traits. People who stay up too late reading love and value the experience of a good read so much that they are willing to suffer a little the next day for it. It speaks to a sort of impulsiveness. A “life is too short!” philosophy. A romanticism. A “what the heck, let’s do it!” mentality. A joie de vivre. More on the romantic than the practical side of life. An ability to get excited about things that maybe everyone does not have. A live life to the fullest and pack all you can into it kind of thing.

So are people who stay up too late reading more willing to jump impulsively into a car and make a long trip to visit someone even though it’s not the most practical thing to do? Are they more willing to reach out to other experiences that are not always practical because of the life is too short not to attitude?

You will have to let me know what you think. All I know is, my husband, a practical man, would absolutely not stay up all night reading. It simply isn’t what he would do. He would value his sleep and his functioning the next day more than the complete pleasure of reading that book. (But then, this is also a man who went to bed with a half hour left of the world series when the game was tied and went into overtime.) I mean, the man loves his sleep, what can I say. Maybe this goes along with the calm, even, steadfastness of his personality, traits which I love. But recklessly impulsive…no, I definitely would not label him as that.

I will leave you to ponder this (or not) as I return to finish that amazing book I mentioned above. Although later I just might need a nap 🙂

Happy week!



Weekend Away

Posted by on Monday, February 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I thought I would share with you some fun pics from my weekend away. Last Wednesday afternoon, I turned in a manuscript (yay!), threw a bunch of (mostly mismatched) clothes into my suitcase, then took off in the car with my husband for a long weekend. We weren’t really sure where we were headed. But somehow we eventually committed to driving the 12 hours from Ohio to South Carolina, (where it is spring), to visit family (so joyous)), and enjoy being outside. Now, you have to understand, even though it’s been a mild winter here in northeastern Ohio, “outside” is still a shocking rarity. I still can’t believe I spent most of the weekend outside in the mild temps (mid-60’s), biking, walking, and even reading!

Here are some things that caught my eye…

The pic on the left below is a sea bird standing on a strip of mud and sand. Still a very wintery photo, all silvers and grays.

Next to that is a bronze sculpture called “Out to Lunch.” This young man is eating a sandwich and reading his book outside, which sounds like the perfect way to eat lunch to me!

On the right is a pretty pic of someone’s garden they planted in a shell pot. There was a lavender plant in there as well as some other things I didn’t recognize. But it was pretty! And again, to see growing things in February…amazing!

Lastly, the thing that is so beautiful about the South Carolina Lowcountry is the marshlands, which change color throughout the seasons. Here is my favorite pic from last summer, when the marsh grass is a bright, beautiful green, compared to a pic I took this weekend, when it was a much different color. Different, huh?!

Anyway, getting away is good for the soul. The trip was a bit arduous but since I spent a total of 24 hrs in the car. But since my husband are still on speaking terms, I consider it…a great success :)!

Happy week, everybody!

Shell garden.

“Out to Lunch,” a bronze sculpture in a plaza on Hilton Head Island.

Maybe a heron?